I’ve finally got Oneworld Emerald!

Last year I had achieved Virgin Australia platinum and was so happy with what I had got from them, but there is one thing that is a bit disappointing. They are not in an alliance. For some,this is a huge matter,as they want easy connections, lounge access, additional luggage and so on. Virgin has some fantastic partner airlines such as Etihad and Singapore airlines but I find an alliance is a lot better if your travelling to various countries.

I decided I’d go with Qantas as I live in Australia and travel with them very regularly. I would of loved to go for a program like American Airlines to get benefits such as unlimited upgrades and SWU’s but Qantas flights don’t earn 100% EQM’s which are status credits in Australia.

So the hunt began for cheap status runs, this was proving to be difficult but with some help from Flyertalk and various other locations I finally decided what I had to do.


The decision was to fly SYD-MEL-CNS-MEL-SYD 3 times. Each run would get 200 status credits but as I asked Qantas for a challenge,they provided me with a 50% bonus this proved to be a vital part of the plan. So with the 50% I should earn 900 status credits (300 each run) and with the 400 already in my account I should earn the magic number of 1400 which is equal to platinum.


Day 1






Hitting gold!


Definitely worth the loss of sleep!


Overall this was a tiring  process but also enjoyable. I got to visit Cairns for the first time from the airport and also learnt that It is nice to be on the ground some times. I can’t wait to do it again next year before February 28th!

(All photos are from my first run)