My First Qantas Op-up But Not Caused By Over Booking

(Photo credit) – Victor Pody

I am writing this in the Air New Zealand lounge while waiting for my flight back to Brisbane and thought I might share my interesting flight from Sydney to Auckland this morning.

I decided last night that I wanted to go to Auckland, I had absolutely no reason to but decided it would keep me occupied for the day. I booked Qantas (Jetconnect) over and Virgin Australia back. I booked flexible economy as I seem to like changing my mind last-minute and they have a better earn rate. I also used one of my complimentary upgrades with Virgin Australia to get business. The post explaining the upgrades can be found here: Virgin Australia Enhances Platinum Upgrades

So I’ll briefly talk about my seating incident. When I booked I saw 4C was available and immediately took it as it’s the row behind business class which has extra legroom and it’s and aisle and that’s what my preference is.

After the 30 minute delay, boarding commenced and we were driven to a stand of bay where the 737 was parked. I settled into my seat and then started to hear whining, no it wasn’t a baby if you’re wondering. Shortly boarding finished and the crew came around and checked to see if everyone’s seats were upright and my seat partner (4B) couldn’t get his seat to go upright and asked to see the cabin service manager as he wasn’t happy with the seat reclining. The CSM came over to the passenger and he was saying things like “This happens every flight and I’ve had enough” ooook. Anyway the comments kept continuing until the CSM looked at me and said “Mr George sorry to inconvenience you but would you like to spend the rest of your flight in the business class cabin”? I immediately said yes and went and sat in 3D. The complaining passenger ended up sitting in my seat. When the CSM asked if I’d like sit in business I thought I wouldn’t get a business class meal, dessert or other features..Wrong! I had a full meal and dessert and paid for a flexible economy fare, pretty impressed with that!

Reviews of Jetconnect and Virgin Australia business class will be up soon.

2 thoughts on “My First Qantas Op-up But Not Caused By Over Booking

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