Qantas Selling ‘Comfort Rows’ On Dallas Flights

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A very interesting article has arisen on the popular Australian travel forum ‘Australian Frequent Flyer’ talking about Qantas selling whole rows of seats on it’s Dallas flights.

The original source of the article can be found here:Enjoy a Whole Row to Yourself on a Qantas Flight.

To recap these are the main points,

  • The full cost is $250 per row
  • The rows can be requested at check-in
  • Currently only available on the Sydney – Dallas – Sydney flights
  • The rows depend on economy loads
  • 4 Seats equal the row

The rows are fantastic for people not wanting to upgrade to premium economy or business class. Considering extra leg room seats can cost up to $180 for non status passengers this is a fantastic offer. There currently isn’t any information regarding the topic of which high status passengers will be able to get these for free or at a cheaper rate.


As soon as I heard this I immediately thought of Air New Zealand’s ‘Skycouch’. This is quite a move from Qantas and I’m interested to see if Virgin will follow.

Air New Zealand ‘Skycouch’ (Image -

Air New Zealand ‘Skycouch’ (Image –

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