Singapore Airlines Announce Singapore – Jakarta – Sydney Services

Singapore airlines has just announced that they will starting a Singapore – Jakarta – Sydney service from November 23rd.

Per Singapore Airlines.

Singapore Airlines Regional Vice President South West Pacific Tan Tiow Kor said the new route caters to strong passenger demand.

“Australia and Indonesia are two of Singapore Airlines’ most popular routes in our global network,” Mr Tan said.

“The new Singapore-Jakarta-Sydney service is another example of our longstanding commitment to Australia and the South West Pacific region.

“We are pleased to increase the choices our customers have when it comes to flying from Sydney to Singapore and now Sydney to Jakarta.”

The airline will be using their 777-200ER aircraft that feature’s their older business class seating.


Flight schedule (all times local)

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Departs Singapore at 2015, arrives in Jakarta at 2100

Then departs Jakarta at 2225, arrives in Sydney at 0930 the next day

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Departs Sydney at 1100, arrives in Jakarta at 1435

Then departs Jakarta at 1535, arrives in Singapore at 1810

Bottom Line

It’s nice to see Singapore add a new service through Jakarta which I’d say will be quite popular.

Asiana Airlines To Operate Various Aircraft Types On Sydney Services From October

Many months ago I wrote about Asiana using their A380 on selected Sydney services in November. They have now released which aircraft will be operating the routes. Here is the full schedule:


The A330, 772 and A380 feature full flat beds and the 747 will feature like flat beds or also known as angled flat.


Asiana Business Class (Image –

What’s interesting about this is the the A380 does feature a first class cabin however, they are deciding not to sell first tickets on the flights.


Asiana First Class (Image – Charles Yu)

Bottom Line

I definitely did not expect to see a 747 put in the mix as Sydney is usually full of A330’s but it’s nice to see the changes in aircraft on the route.

Featured image – Jerry Pang

Review – British Airways First Class Sydney To Singapore (My First Bird Strike!)

This is long overdue so here it is..

A few weeks ago Singapore Airlines announced that they would be operating their A350 for a few weeks to Melbourne. This was supposed to start September 1 however they brought forward for some unknown reason.

I fell in love with the A350 when I flew Qatar’s and I defiantly wanted to trial Singapore Airlines aircraft. I originally booked to depart Melbourne on SQ then fly on British Airways back leaving a 20 hour layover which isn’t very good when I can’t check into a hotel so I canceled both bookings and restarted the planning.

British Airways first class has been controversial topic between bloggers recently. So I decided to see for myself what the product is like.

BA16 operates LHR-SIN-SYD-SIN-LHR so majority of passengers are connecting onto London however you can just fly each single segment if you want to.

First class passengers and Oneworld emerald’s can access the fantastic Qantas first class lounge.

Qantas First Class Lounge Sydney

Qantas First Class Lounge Sydney


British Airways First Class

British Airways First Class

The first cabin is in a configuration of 1-2-1 consisting of 14 seats.

British Airways First Class Cabin

British Airways First Class Cabin

Awaiting at your seat is a light blanket, headphones, amenity kit and pyjamas. The pyjamas where one of the best I’ve worn for airline pyjamas. Flight attendant Femi came around and welcomed me onboard, she was very friendly and you could tell she loved her job.

Light Blanket And Headphones

Light Blanket And Headphones

Pyjamas and Amenity Kit

Pyjamas and Amenity Kit

As you settle in the crew come around and offer a pre departure beverage and selection of nuts.

Coke and Nuts

Coke and Nuts

Seat 1K

Seat 1K

The seat sadly doesn’t have too many storage options however, this is apparently just the 777 with the lack of seat storage. However, the coat hanger built into the seat is a fantastic feature especially if you have clothes that you don’t want wrinkled.

Coat/Clothes Storage

Coat/Clothes Storage

Another cool feature of the British Airways first is the electronic window blind. I’m a big fan of the blue mood lighting.


The flight took off on time and was smooth but very different to another takeoff I’ve had. On rotation we hit birds which I only found out after having a chat with him in the cockpit. Luckily the birds hit the nose cone and didn’t cause too much damage but that a first for me.

We levelled out at 34,000 feet and the meal service began. Sadly I didn’t get the menu for photos.


Bread Roll


Beef With Vegetables and Potato


Strawberry Mouse


Chocolate Lave Cake With Compote

I’ve had some great meals on flights and these were brilliant. The meat was nice and juicy and tender and the desserts were brilliant hence I had two of them.


The IFE controls are located near the small lamp on the side of the seat. The IFE is a little on the slow side but perfectly usable.


Below that is the window shade, lights and seating controls.


After just 7 hours we commended out decent into Singapore Changi airport.


British Airways 777 First Class

British Airways 777 First Class

Bottom Line

Overall my British Airways flight exceeded my expectations. The crew were absolutely brilliant and really made the flight feel welcoming and enjoyable. Is it Etihad apartments? No but for 7 hours this is perfectly acceptable.

Qatar Are *Unofficially* Status Matching

Earlier today I wrote about how people are now buying status online through Ebay as its cheap and fast, it is also against the programs rules. If you already hold a status you may or may not be aware that many airlines, hotels and rental car companies now ‘status match’. Basically a program will match your existing status for their equivalent level.

Some airlines like American Airlines and Qantas will offer a ‘status challenge’ and you have to earn a certain amount to reach the desired level of status.

Well for a few weeks now there has been rumours and words being exchanged about Qatar Airways having an unofficial status match. It is quite rare for this to happen however, a lot of people have had success in matching to their status.

Below is what Qatar need if you want a match.

Per the Qatar Privilege Club forum on Flyertalk,

1) Privilege Club membership number.

2) Copy of a valid other airline FFP card with name and FFP number).

3) Other airlines FFP account statement stating name, tier and FFP number.

4) Confirmed and ticketed travel on QR, minimum two weeks prior to departure.

You then send all of this information to

A few flyers have reported that QR will match them to either Gold or Silver. This may depend on your travel schedule and how much you will fly the airline.


Qatar Airways Gold

Bottom Line

This is a very rare event for the airline so if you have status and a future flight booked I would definitely take advantage of this.

Would You Ever Buy Status Off Ebay?

So every now and then we see some weird and wonderful things on Ebay. You’ve probably heard or seen people selling their elite bag tags or even cards but selling status is growing increasingly fast which isn’t a good thing. Well today I was browsing around and I came across something that made me go WTF.


Now as I said selling status on Ebay is getting very popular with hotels and even some airlines but selling one time use made me wonder, How the heck would that work? He even listed the benefits, how generous.


Personally I wouldn’t buy any type of status off Ebay as that is against the Terms and Conditions however, I’m very intrigued to how it actually works and what is the process. I was more intrigued to see that the seller has sold more than 1 which surprised me quite a bit. I’m tempted to message and enquire to how the process works so I’ll let you know what happens in a few days.

Bottom Line

This made my eyes open with surprise and a little shock. Im surprised people just hand over their details online that easily. Play it safe and earn status the original way, this is a bad trend and it breaks the T&C’s of the programs.

Rumour – American Airlines To Re-code Domestic First To Business

Earlier today JonNYC who is a very reliable source posted on Flyertalk about American Airlines re-coding their Domestic first class into Business class.

Here is the full post

Main points:

Domestic First (non-transcontinental) will book into a J fare but will be marketed as “First”

International and Trans-con flights with 3 cabin’s will stay the same and be booked as “First”

What does this mean?

This means that these fare changes will earn a lot less then what they do now. As a Qantas Platinum retaining the status in Australia can be very expensive however, you could earn the status for a quarter of the price if you did AA Domestic first flights.

Earning over 500 status credits for $1400 was very hard to beat!


Bottom Line

I really hope these changes don’t come into affect soon but who knows, AA haven’t been making the best enhancements this year…