Qatar Are *Unofficially* Status Matching

Earlier today I wrote about how people are now buying status online through Ebay as its cheap and fast, it is also against the programs rules. If you already hold a status you may or may not be aware that many airlines, hotels and rental car companies now ‘status match’. Basically a program will match your existing status for their equivalent level.

Some airlines like American Airlines and Qantas will offer a ‘status challenge’ and you have to earn a certain amount to reach the desired level of status.

Well for a few weeks now there has been rumours and words being exchanged about Qatar Airways having an unofficial status match. It is quite rare for this to happen however, a lot of people have had success in matching to their status.

Below is what Qatar need if you want a match.

Per the Qatar Privilege Club forum on Flyertalk,

1) Privilege Club membership number.

2) Copy of a valid other airline FFP card with name and FFP number).

3) Other airlines FFP account statement stating name, tier and FFP number.

4) Confirmed and ticketed travel on QR, minimum two weeks prior to departure.

You then send all of this information to

A few flyers have reported that QR will match them to either Gold or Silver. This may depend on your travel schedule and how much you will fly the airline.


Qatar Airways Gold

Bottom Line

This is a very rare event for the airline so if you have status and a future flight booked I would definitely take advantage of this.

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