INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE! – Flying On A Hawker 1000

As a huge fan of aviation one of my dreams when I was younger was to fly in a private jet. When I was 15 years old I started flying lessons; I had always dreamt of either flying for a commercial airline or private charter company. Sadly I stopped flying but today has made me realise how much I miss flying small aircraft, and I cannot wait to return to the skies. Anyway, back to today’s flight.


When people think of flying private jets, they automatically think of extremely high prices and celebrities. Well, luckily some services make flying in these planes a whole lot cheaper. For this service, I booked through Emptyjets. You make an account for $20 and then you can see when flights are available. An “Empty leg” is a flight that has to return to its home base. A previous customer would have used the aircraft, and the aircraft company can sell the flight as a one-way service for a fraction of the cost opposed to a full charter.

Screenshot 2016-08-28 17.55.15

The flight was booked through Emptyjets; however, the company Shortstop handled the flight as they own the aircraft.


The flight was from Brisbane to Melbourne (Essendon). Most business jets depart from the old international airport area at Brisbane. As my flight was leaving that area, I got to use the Hawker Pacific VIP lounge before my flight.





The lounge is stocked with various soft drinks, coffee and tea facilities.



Soda, Juice, and Water


Coffee and Tea


Lounge Seating Area’s


Elite Traveller Magazines

As I was enjoying a coffee in the lounge, I met my two pilots Michael and Althea and my flight attendant/training pilot Codie. The crew was extremely friendly and professional.

The aircraft that would be taking me to Melbourne today is the beautiful Hawker 1000. The aircraft is just STUNNING!


On today’s flight, I was the only passenger on an 8-9 seat jet, talk about privacy!


As most private jets don’t have closed cockpit doors, you can see everything that’s happening. I was asked if I’d like to sit in the jump seat for takeoff, I, of course, said yes!


Taxiing Out Of Brisbane

I didn’t take photo’s of the takeoff as I was filming it but wow, so smooth and quiet. Sadly you couldn’t see much out of the window, but it would help if I were taller šŸ˜‰


After takeoff, I went back to the cabin and looked out at the view.


On the front and back of the cabin, displays are showing your position.


Flight Display Screens

All seats are very comfortable leather; the seats can also turn around if need be.


Seating On The Hawker 1000


Turning Seat

I went back to my seat, and Cody brought out a big plate of various pastries and fruits.


Various Pastries

I knew for sure I wasn’t going to be hungry.


Pastries and Fruits

The tray table is well sized and could fit at least 4 plates easily. All four pairs of seats have a tray table to share.

There is no IFE which I didn’t require as I had “Suits” on my Mac to watch. I only watched it for about 10 minutes as I was so excited about what I was flying in.


Each seat is fitted with various controls for media, call button, etc.



One thing that surprised me was the in-flight phone.


In-flight Phone


The Hawker 1000 does feature a lavatory. Despite the pictures, it’s quite spacious. A cool fact is the flushing sounds is 100 times quieter than a commercial aircraft; I found that interesting and might seem a little nerdy and weird šŸ˜‰





Thankyou Amenities





Wing View

The flight had a sixty-knot head wind making the flight just over 2 hours; I had absolutely no problems with that.

The descent was extremely smooth, and we were on the ground just past 1. I really would have loved to stay onboard, but all good things come to an end.


Hawker 1000 On The Ground In Essendon



I wonder If I could buy one with an Amex? šŸ˜‰


I’ve been extremely lucky to have flown some amazing products like Etihad apartments, Singapore Airlines suites, Cathay first etc. However, flying in a private jet has definitely topped them all. If you ever need a charter I would definitely recommend Shortstop, they were amazing on the ground and in the air.