50% Off Tripit Pro – $32 AUD For 1 Year

Tripit pro would have to be one of the programs I use most when I travel. The program can import all your itineraries directly from your email, tracks points balances, shows you better seats and even provides flight information to your phone, often faster than the airline does!

Tripit Pro is currently offering 50% off their normal price of 65 which comes to $32 AUD with the current dollar.

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If you like to keep up to date with flight changes and information for your flight this app is brilliant for you.

This is not a paid endorsement, I just like to share deals that are around 🙂


WOW – Airbus Have Just Passed 10,000 Aircraft Deliveries!

Airbus today has announced on their Facebook page that they have now passed 10,000 aircraft delivered, the aircraft will be delivered next week.

Airbus posted this picture on Facebook today. The aircraft is Singapore Airlines’s sixth A350 with the rego of 9V-SMF which is currently in final testing in Toulouse.


10,000th Airbus Aircraft © Airbus

The aircraft is scheduled to arrive in Singapore on its delivery flight on the 14th of October; there are also rumors that the aircraft will operate the SFO inaugural on the 23rd.

Singapore Airlines A350 © Zac George

Singapore Airlines A350 © Zac George

Bottom Line

Congratulations to Airbus on achieving this huge milestone and no doubt there will be many more to come!

Ready For Takeoff Is Back!

Last year Channel 9 and Qantas brought us ‘Ready For Takeoff,’ a series showing the in’s and out’s of how Qantas operates every day.

The show ended up being so popular that both companies decided to make a second season which has made a lot of Avgeeks very happy.

Throughout the show, Qantas were tweeting facts and figures which were pretty cool.

If you couldn’t watch the 1st episode here it is.

The show will be played every Friday night at 7:30 local time.

Bottom Line

Show’s like these show the amount of work and effort that is put into the airline every day. As an Avgeek I love the series and would definitely recommend watching it.